Life Changing Conversation



Are you tired of meaningless conversations that leave you craving connection? Me too!

Over the years, I have had countless conversations with friends, family, clients, and strangers

who have all equally impacted my life and helped me understand the importance of connecting as a thriving component of human existence.

As a retired psychotherapist with over ten thousand hours of deep powerful conversations, I have learned that humans at our core want to be seen, heard and understood as we are.

In mastering the art of listening to a higher level, I'm able to provide a deep connecting experience to help you discover more of what you need and want.

Whether you're ready to talk about money, relationships, control, or anything else that’s in your heart, I’ve got you.

This life changing conversation is for anyone who is ready to let go and surrender their blocks and is ready to co-create a space where we can heal together.

Let’s connect and inspire together!

First, you need to fill out this form to understand what it is that you need and if we are a good match.

If we move forward, you’ll receive:

✅ A life-changing conversation on any topic you want to discuss - or your money back!

✅ My undivided attention and guidance with no time limit to your conversation until we reach a point of connection, understanding, and self-awareness that inspires you to take action on what it is that you want.

✅ Access to a recording of our conversation for your reference.

"I see you. You see me. I love you."

- Zeahlot


Mission and Purpose

To create life-changing conversations that inspire action

Let’s connect and inspire together! 👇